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Our Facilities



Our Facilities


Carriage Class Cleaners is family-owned and operated state-of-the-art wet & dry clothes cleaning facility.

For dry cleaning, we use an organic, non-hazardous solvent which leaves no odor, other than a fresh, clean scent. Each batch of cleaning uses virgin solvent only leaving no chance of non-volatile residue in the solvent tanks that could migrate to the clothes being cleaned. Our machines produce enhancements during the many steps in the dry to dry process of cleaning your clothing.


Wet cleaning is done in state-of-the-art washing machines with digital programming. There are 30 different types of programs with up to 100 steps in each. The programs are designed to suit the type and quality of fabric, attachments including buttons, buckles, sequins, multi-color, and label conditions of cleaning.

Professional Laundered Shirt Finishing is done using the newest technology in shirt laundry pressing equipment. This technology saves time and money allowing us to produce a fine finished quality shirt. And the savings are passed on to the customer.


Sensitive materials such as suede, leather, fur, bear skin rugs, snake and alligator skins are able to be cleaned in either our Wet or Dry Cleaning machines using special solvent that rejuvenates the skins. We use non-hazardous spotting agents that, in most cases, can, with professional care, erase soil or grease marks on animal skins that were, in the past, unable to be removed.


Wedding and Antique Gowns are meticulously pre-spotted and, depending on the fabric, age, glued or sewn-on applications, sequins, glitter, jeweled items as well as soil, may be dry cleaned, wet cleaned, or dipped. Boxing of gowns for preservation is done with acid-free tissue in a special gown box which has 2 lids--the second being see-through to bring back memories.


Household & Miscellaneous Items:


We offer Take Down & Rehang Drapery Dry Cleaning or Laundry service depending on the fabric and label instructions if available, or bring in over the counter whichever you prefer.


Bedspreads, Comforters, Bed Pillows and Shams can be dry or wet cleaned according to cleaning instruction label, however, since cleaning instructions on household items are not required by the FTC, we have found that label instructions, when attached, can be misinforming. We will offer our professional advice and experience to aid in your decision. Bed Pillows(Standard, Queen, King) can be "refurbished" using our pillow machine. We offer duck and down feathers at an extra cost.


Sofa, Chair, Seat & Back covers, Area and Oriental Rugs and Pillow Throws may be cleaned using our non-hazardous solvent.


Designer and Look-Alike handbags can be cleaned using the same dry cleaning machine that we use for sensitive materials such as animal skins.


Ozone Room:


Smoke, water, and mildew damaged clothing and household items are placed in our ozone room prior to cleaning to kill odor and spores.

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